The Finest Way To Reach Your Meta Space

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Our JourneyCligor is developed to give you the finest way to reach your metaspace starting in 2022.
We Are GrowingWe are growing day by day with new updates to give you the best experience. As a team, our main aim is to deliver the best experience in the metaverse.
We Count Each One Of YouWe are counting on each of our users and we value each one of you. We are happy that you choose us and you are free to send us your thoughts.
Something Something Extra ExtraWe hope to add more extra features in the future apart from the browsers. We will keep you updated on each feature we are giving you.
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About Us,

Cligor started in 2022 with internationally experienced developers, coders, and designers. The long-term research helped us to launch the best metaverse browser all the time. Our main intention was to give our combination to the future internet and deliver the best meta experience for those who need to access their metaspace. The immense hard work of our whole team and their experience, and knowledge helped us to be who we are today. 

As everyone knew you can not reach the web3/ metaspace with a traditional web2 get the whole experience in the metaverse. If you need to access the metaspace you will need a different browser. Cligor helps you to reach the metaspace in the most finest way and helps you to get the best experience ever. We are happy to say that most of the metaverse users trust and experience the metaverse with Cligor.