Metaverse Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy  At Cligor

Here at Cligor, we know that your privacy matters a lot. That’s why we’re fully committed to creating a safe space and safeguarding your personal info as you explore our metaverse browser. Rest assured, we’re taking every step needed to keep your details secure.

Our Privacy Commitment 

Your privacy is our top priority at Cligor. We’re dedicated to giving you the best experience while making sure your data stays safe. Our team is always on the job, making sure your personal info not only stays protected but is used exactly the way you want it to be.

Privacy in Metaverse  

Decentralization:  Web3 is different from Web2 because it believes in decentralization. It means you have more say: deciding how you use the internet and owning what you create. Unlike Web2, where someone big is in charge, people like that this change helps keep their privacy safe. In the metaverse, this control happens with something called blockchain technology. It’s like a safe and private space for you to talk with others and do business.  

Digital currencies: In Web3, users switch to digital currencies instead of government-issued ones. This change brings more transparency to transactions, fostering trust among users. With digital currencies, users can carry out transactions without concerns about government involvement, potentially reducing corporate corruption. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are frequently employed in the metaverse for these transactions.

Control over data: In Web3 and the metaverse, things are different from Web2. Here, users have full control over their data, unlike in Web2 where big companies store and track it. Users can choose whether to share their data and with whom, providing them with more privacy and security in their online interactions.  

Security: Web3 relies on blockchain technology, offering robust security and privacy measures. The autonomous structure of blockchain ensures that hackers cannot interfere with the recording of logging activities. Additionally, the decentralized nature of the metaverse poses challenges for hackers trying to target specific users or manipulate data. This security framework provides a strong foundation for user protection and data integrity.

Transparency:Web3 places a strong emphasis on transparency. All transactions and interactions within the metaverse are documented on the blockchain, a public ledger accessible to anyone. This makes it challenging for users to conceal their activities or engage in unethical behavior. The commitment to transparency in the metaverse fosters trust among users, ensuring a reliable and trustworthy digital environment.


In conclusion, privacy in the metaverse surpasses that of Web2 on multiple fronts. The combination of decentralization, digital currencies, data control, security, and transparency ensures a heightened sense of safety for users engaging with others in the metaverse. The Cligor team is dedicated to upholding this commitment by safeguarding user privacy and fostering a secure environment for users to fully enjoy the advantages of the metaverse.