How to Access Metaverse

Accessing to metaverse is not something complicated. Its very simple and easy to grab. As there are many meta browsers available for the task, how could you find the one that works for you?

Access Metaverse with Meta Browsers

Metaverse or web 3 metaverse is not something out of the ordinary. Metaverse is the next version of the internet as we know it now.

Metaverse being the next internet, it works exactly the same as the present internet but in a better way without the governing bodies to monitor or control your part of the metaverse.

So, how to access the metaverse?

Download Cligor Meta Browser

Meta browsers are the access points that enable accessing metaverse and they work exactly the same (at least the part you see) as web 2 browsers like Chrome or Firefox. 

Download the meta browser and install it. Our meta browser only supports Windows desktop operating systems at the moment and we are working hard to make this available for other platforms as well.

Launch and Connect to Metaverse

Launch the installed meta browser and type in the metaverse domain you need to access.

Browse Metaverse

As you know,the metaverse is not to scroll and click but a place where you can experience and feel. 

You can experience the metaverse with virtual technologies by using certain devices which will need to experience the metaverse. Here are some tips and trick that will help you to experience the metaverse.

Access Metaverse with Web 2 Browsers

Web 2 browsers such as Chrome and Firefox are intended to be used for a different purpose, but do they support metaverse as well?

Well, we know that web 3 and web 3 metaverse are based on cutting-edge technologies like IPFS and blockchain. Web 2 browsers do not support those technologies natively, because they were not intended to be.

To put it in simple words, it’s not their job. Will it change now?

Is it Possible to Access Metaverse with Web 2 Browsers?

As we put above, it’s clear that web 2 browsers are making their way to extend the support to web 3 and metaverse. Because web 2 browsers are incapable of serving the full experience of the metaverse even at its initial phase.

But as those are still in progress, they will not support metaverse domains at the moment. And we hope that they will make web 3 support soon.

Do you need a Wallet to Access Metaverse?

There was no login requirement for web 2 internet. Asthesame metaverse will not require login to a wallet or get some identification process to access the metaverse.